How to introduce someone to the Urantia book.


Well... sometimes... it just comes up in conversation and you reference the Urantia book... as revealing this or mentioning that and before you know it the person you're talking to is asking you the name of it again so they can "write-that-down." Face it, after you've actually read the thing several times (for me... it's seven times) it becomes part of the decor of your mental environment and you start sharing it with your friends and other people you meet. Watch out your family will think you're "nuts."

This soul satisfying masterpiece guides you to a richer understanding of what it means to be human, why you are here and the great cosmic journey that lies before you an beckons you onward toward perfection and God. If you've ever been curious about the missing years of Jesus' life, the Urantia Book provides and exquisitely detailed, year by year, account of them. It gives a superb narrative of Jesus' humanity as well as his divinity. He is a savior, a father/brother, a hero and a friend! If you love Jesus, you will love him even more as you read this remarkable description of his life and teachings - all of them.

The Urantia Book is not for those interested in pursuing a casual understanding of spiritual teachings. Its scope, depth and revelatory nature may seem daunting to the new reader, but as you persevere, you will be profoundly rewarded with the discovery that you are, in fact and in truth, a son or daughter of the Infinite and Eternal God; and that this life is just the beginning of an eternal adventure, an endless voyage of discovery!

Just reading about what more is "out there" allows me to speak in terms of its actual existence... and, I mus' say... this book has fairly expanded the content of what's potentially, probably and actually in existence for me... for us.

Its plain to me, the only thing holding back larger numbers of people who can say they've read the book is the lack of people having time, interest and tenacity to actually read it in the first place... and are actually telling others about it. Like me! Logical parameters indicate that it's simply a matter of time before people become aware of what the Urantia book has to reveal.

Sharing information found within the book can only be passed on when each reader find themselves in conversation with others referring to what has been disclosed regarding the Human psyche, the presence of Angels and the actual history of this planet and what we've gone through and where we've really been as a human race. There is so much ideational confusion on planet earth sustaining a need to cover up ignorance with pride and prejudice. We are still a very backward people only because we burden ourselves with so much that detracts us from what's meaningful and matters most and keeps us drifting in that direction or non-direction..

Introducing someone to the Urantia book is a bit tricky because you don't want to alienate them right off the bat, because it might conflict with the religion of their youth and family. And you don't want to bring someone into "the flock" to simply think like you do. The only "flock" there is, is the sea of human kind.

The actual author of the Urantia book chose to remain annonymous and the founders of the book agreed and are glad indeed... so that no "one person" became deified from this 5th Epochal Revelation to plant Earth (Urantia.) Those responsible for the creation of the book don't want it to become just another religion, although the information will supplant and supercede religions in the not-to-distant future.

There is beauty, truth and goodness to be found within the pages of the Urantia book. People only need to take a look at the table of contents to get an idea of what's in it.

I tell people that there are four sections to the book and that one "should" read it in it's entirety from front to back.... and to make sure they do so... even if they jump about from chapter to chapter or join a study group which might not be in their personal or same section. I warn them that the first section is very deep and to not stop reading it because they can't understand what is being said. I tell them to just plow on through and they will eventually arrive at a place where it all starts to make sense. In fact the later stuff means more because its been "set-up" by the previous information.

Introducing the Urantia book is a delightful activity if you set aside some personal time for it at your local library. Public libraries have rooms where you can host introductory gatherings to the book and provide a myriad of life examples to the truth-hungry youth of our times.

Area churches have also been know to open their doors to spiritual nourishment.

All it takes to tell others about the Urantia book is to have read it yourself and then share what you discovered within its pages

And, as you read it, underline in pencil (not pen, ink shows through to the other side and makes it harder to read on the other side) the section that impresses you and then write its subject or topic on a blank page in the back of the book including the page number you found it on. Put the page number first and then the subject or topic. Oh, also... upon beginning or finishing the book... write down the date you actually began or ended the fabulous adventure, or journey, of reading it. This is one way to remind yourself you've actually read the entire book, which is a GREAT feat. Congratulations!

Then when you want to refer to something from your memory you can do so quickly and be able to find and read again the actual text. Its fun, and when you've actually read the book a couple of times you'll begin having conversations with your Angels and Mom and Pop God. Oh yeah! You'll simply fall in love with humans like Jesus did. Yeah! Really! Uh uh.

If you really want to become a Urantia Tour Guide you can email me for the kit.

Take care and email anyway. I'd love to hear from you.

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